Thursday, December 8, 2011

Scratch underneath the surface

On a man made lake there’s a sheet of the ice

Unskilled skaters can’t figure it twice…..

And that’s Kenya;

We are all skating on a risky ground; bound to collapse and we all get sucked in!!!

Why don’t get to the basic; Values and the cradle of industrialization (agriculture)

The talk about youth, children, & gender equality seems to be the new buzzwords in the build up to 2012; that means anyone above 35 yrs and is a male will be up for grabs after 2012.

A leader should appeal to the whole citizenry and not ‘’tribes’’

-is this a divide and rule (those not with the def of the youth are assumed to be the old order??) where will my papa go?

None of these ‘wanna be presidents’ appreciates the fact that we need not to create another tribe called ‘’youth, children& women’’

The solution in Kenya lies in creating one nation thro a change of values; we need a leader who can inspire (Obama like attitude); talk to the family unit

Corruption is an offshoot of wrong values/morals and that’s why is must be fought from the individuals level/ family unit; it’s not caused by unemployment;-let no one cheat you– why are the super rich still corrupt?, why the maize and oil scandal? We all want to cut corners, get rich quickly( why are the pyramids doing good)

Anyone born in 80s was born and bred in corruption, it’s a culture

What of economy??

Whoever keeps on cheating us Kenya next frontier is ICT (see Malili ICT hub) missed a step.

For economies (which don’t have mineral deposits/oil) to take off we need to invest in Agriculture (thus reduce urban influx-no more slums and petty crimes and yokozuna), then move to agro based industries (that’s why milk/cows farmers are still in it) and then support industries / institution to support these industries. Eventually we will industrialize; but we must invest in educations and R&D

Let’s be self critical; do some self evaluation and take your share of the blame or otherwise

Look yourself at the mirror

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