Monday, December 19, 2011


The article by Omar gives a grim picture of the Kenya citizenry, not the leadership only; it exemplifies the problem graphically but only leaves distaste in the minds / mouths of many.

Why do i say so?

One, we don’t like the bare truth and two we don’t offer solutions, we only blame the leadership

PS: The leadership is a reflection of the citizenry,

We must move away from entitlement mentality and ask ourselves what we can give, contribute and share.
The media (blogs TV, FM, fb tweeter etal) patronized by the Kenyan all seek to impress poignant
(not rational) side characterized by blame game but not proposing a trace to the answers.

As this articles whips up our emotions do we ask ourselves how we got there? What could we have we contributed? How did this Kenya train derail? How do I promote ‘’a tribe less Kenya’’ in my family, workplace, hood?

 The answers lies within the voter, we elebad tribal kingpins, we trade our constitutional for cheap liquor, lesos,

The solution in Kenya lies in creating one nation thro a change of values; we need a leader who can inspire (Obama like attitude); talk to the family unit

Corruption is an offshoot of wrong values/morals and that’s why is must be fought from the individuals level/ family unit; it’s not caused by unemployment;-let no one cheat you– why are the super-rich still corrupt?, why the maize and oil scandal? We all want to cut corners, get rich quickly ( why are the pyramids doing good)
Anyone born in 80s was born and bred in corruption, it’s a culture

Start a campaign in your neighborhood and talk about corruption and tribalism

 How can we alleviate the problem; by tribal bashing???

WE NEED A REVOLUTION ; not the Gaddafi or Mubarak way; but of the mind ,of the values of the culture; lets stop blame game;

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