Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Let’s face the reality

We keep on deluding ourselves that’s Kenya has a mature democracy,economy and very optimistic citizens ( optimism / religion is the opium of the lumpen proletariat)

In Moi era all ills were attributed to Moism- even when a cow can’t produce enough milk.
We promulgated the constitution (copied from USA wishing to be likethem) and attribute all to it and expect heavens from it but we ain t ready tobreak a sweat; even under the old constitution DCJ Baraza could have been investigated by the JSC- whats eats Kenya is impunity at all levels- we dont have respect for the law!!

We must wake to the reality the Kenya Electorate is ignorant, misinformed,and illiterate and highly disintegrated to tribal/cultural cocoons.
This is why we keep on voting back/in leaders who can’t deliver much;but remember the kind of political leaders a country has is a reflection of theelectorate; the kind of MPs is representative of the Kenyan population mindset,attitude, aspirations etal…..why do we have so many grouping in FB-Bunge laMwananchi, WMK, Kenya youth decide, tribe less Kenyan all with a seeking toreap from the ideological vacuum.
Only a few in such forums as WRK, tweeter, bar talk, other FB groupingswho tend to wear a face of reformist patriots but quickly ebb to their comfortzones in times of distress.

The question should be; how do we get out of this quagmire???

If look at the Arab revolution i.e. Libya, Egypt et al the general populace is highly enlightened and well catered for basic needs and wants. This is the reverse in Kenya-only 10% can afford three meals a day…
Back to pre-colonial times; the insurgences were successful since tribes were not that disintegrated and had a common foe; still they were tribal outfits fighting for tribal/clan interests.

The Kenyan populace is split into tribes , clans , and classes.
We need to raise the level of enlightment; campaign for increased uptake to FPE & SSE to reduce illiteracy,Voter education , start forums ( not on twitter or FB )but what can reach the common man like what PLO started in ‘’Moving the masses’’

Do we have true patriots in Kenya?
Is anyone ready to die or atleast loose his daily comforts for the sake of Kenya???
We must plant a tree that’s weshall never enjoy its shade