Thursday, December 8, 2011

FOOD; What Kenya needs;

We are a hungry nation, quite literally; our souls our minds, our wallets, & our stomachs need nourishment

That why we need a leader who can deliver

How can we achieve this?

It will take a three pronged approach

1. Economic growth and development

It will take a Kenyan agrarian revolution through investing in agriculture, supporting /subsidizing inputs and establishment of Agro based industries. These will create a multiplier effect; ultimately industrialization.

2. Social Development

The basic social unit (the individual and the family) needs to be relooked into and supported.

Strong values have to be passed to our children thro a revision school programmes, family outreaches programmes and media outreach.

The present NCIC can do a lot; KACC should engage in nationwide campaigns against corruption.( Pls note – the corruption at the top is supported by the grass roots/small fish corruption)

3. Democratic and Political Development

A culture of accountability and responsibility must be cultivated

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