Friday, December 19, 2014


With poverty of the mind, values and matter we are bound to be trapped in the vicious cycle.
Various disciplines, among them economics have sought to address this scarcity of resources and how human behaviour is shaped by the scrabble of resources; perfected by Keynes , mercantilist et al

Politics , laws, family and marriage  and all associations seek to share these resources by each individual player seeking to have a cutting advantage over the other; to effectively control and eventually annihilate the other; thus Charles Darwin survival for the fittest.

How have modern societies escaped or perfected Darwinism??

Life is a rat race and to join the fast lane there has to be collateral damage inform of bad laws, death and collapsed buildings and other human made calamities.
To escape the rate race we have to seek an equitable way of fighting scarcity; to nourish the mind the soul and the body and that’s what Marxism is all about

Corruption, nepotism, is all ways of seeking competitive advantage over the other.

Laws, taboos are made by owners of resources  as a means of seeking to control the masses, the lumpen proletariat; they are meant to serve the ruling elite unless the masses (if they got the critical mass) rise and redefine the societal values.

The security bill, some say curtails some of the fundamental rights enshrined on the bill of rights.
But we forget that every right granted comes with a huge responsibility.
I hold the view that the media is irresponsible; they need to sell news. Are these the excesses of the untamed capitalism?
Unchecked social media is on the rampage where all abuses are traded?
Political utterances that fuel hatred and hatred; all later denounced?
Forgive me, but in a society where the social fabric is broken down,  we need laws  what those not in power call draconian;
 And focused dictators ; and that’s why Kagame  is my living model- I am a Kagame wannabe..

On a different note we need to change the word BRIBE to TIPS
In most western countries, one is obliged to tip almost everyone from bank tellers, hotel attendants, and cab drivers et al…. remember chickens.. IT’S THE ART OF THE DEAL

This would allow institutionalizing corruption (sorry giving tips) and stopping wasting resources fighting what seems a vibrant self-regulating enterprise.

Dowry is a way of appeasing the bride’s parents– is it a bribe or a tip??

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